How to grow African Mango organically

How to Grow African Mango Organically

Polyethylene bags (PE-bags) with a width of 15 cm and a height of 30 to 40 cm are used for the nursery. In these bags, 50 percent mature manure and 50 percent soil with a strong humus content are mixed. To speed up the endodermic proteolysis, allow germination rapidly, seeds should be slit on one… Continue reading How to grow African Mango organically

Benefits of Eating African Mango

Benefits of African Mango

For the past years, the African Mango rose to fame along with its benefits to human health. Some of these benefits are quick relief from puffiness, eye bags, skin irritation, dark circles, puffiness, bloodshot eyes, and dryness. It was discovered to have anti-microbial properties as well. It helps boost your energy levels when your rest… Continue reading Benefits of Eating African Mango

African Mango Origin

African Mango Origin

Mangoes are among the world’s most common and versatile fruits, with production concentrated in Asia – particularly in India and China. Mango cultivation in South Africa began in the subtropical Limpopo Province but has since spread to include a late-harvest display in the sandy, hot Clanwilliam zone of the Western Cape. Many countries in East,… Continue reading African Mango Origin